Eye-Opening Statements on Freemasonry

“If true religion is thus to be narrowed down to salvation in no other name under heaven ((than Jesus Christ), and St. Paul’s words to this effect be understood in a spirit of bigoted literalness, then any such ‘Christian’ must indeed be straining his conscience to the breaking point by accepting initiation into the broader and deeper mysteries of Freemasonry. I, for one, can never understand how any (Christian) … can become a Freemason without suffering from spiritual schizophrenia”
(“Light Invisible,” p. 24, by Vindex, famous British Masonic author)

“For every Masonic writer who says that Freemasonry is not a religion, there are five Masonic writers who claim that it is a pagan religion. While they may disagree as to which pagan religion, they are all agreed that Christianity is wrong and its teachings must not be allowed in the Lodge.”
(“The Origins and Teachings of Freemasonry,” p. 115, by Dr. Robert Morey)

“A considerable amount of excision was necessitated by the alteration of the clause in the (Masonic) Constitution which changed Masonry from a Christian to a non-Christian basis… Anything Christian was eliminated.”
(“The Higher Degree Handbook,” p. 25, by J.S.M. Ward, 33o Masonic Historian.)

“We see that Christ is not a unique personage, but the first-fruit – the promise of man made perfect… to attain the Christ-state is salvation.”
(“Ancient Mysteries & Modern Freemasonry,” by C. H. Vail, 33o Masonic Authority.)

“It is far more important that men should strive to become Christs than that they should believe that Jesus was the Christ.”
(“The Secret Doctrine,” J. D. Buck, M.D., 33o Masonic Historian.)

“The ancient wisdom declares that every man, as an immortal soul, is his own saviour, because if he does not save himself then he will not be saved, and this is the view of modern Masonry – man is the builder of his own immortal soul by both faith and works within the Lodge of his own body.”
(“The Meaning of Masonry,” p. 93, by Lynn F. Perkins, 33o Masonic Authority.)

“While many present day Masons may scoff at the mention of astrology in connection with Freemasonry, the fact remains beyond dispute that much of its symbolism is of astrologic origin and cannot be otherwise explained,”
(“The Lost Word, Its Hidden Meaning.” p. 37 by George H. Steinmetz, 33o Masonic Authority.)

“The prevailing Masonic opinion is that the Bible is only a symbol of Divine Will, Law or Revelation, and not that its contents are Divine Law, inspired or revealed. So far, no responsible authority has held that a Freemason must believe the Bible or any part of it.”
(“Masonic Encyclopaedia,” p. 520, Henry W. Coil, 33o Masonic Authority.)

“The degrees of initiation are but the degrees of the evolution of the God in man.” (p. 190) “As the Master Mason labours in accordance with his vows, he slowly weaves this spotless robe out of the transmuted energy of his efforts.”
(“The Lost Keys of Freemasonry,” p. 90, Manley P. Hall, 33o Masonic Authority.)

“Masonry does not preach a new religion… Drop the theological barnacles from the religion of Jesus, as taught by Him, and by the Essenes and Gnostics of the first centuries, and it becomes Masonry. Masonry in its purity, derived from the old Hebrew Kabbalah as part of the Great Universal Wisdom Religion of remotest antiquity.”
(“Symbolism of Freemasonry,” pps. 66-67, J.D. Buck, M.D., 33o Masonic Authority.) NOTE: The Kabbalah is widely recognised as one of the best known books of Occultism.

I have come to the conclusion that most of today’s Freemasons are so ignorant of what their own leaders have written, and regularly teach to all who will listen, that they will seek to claim the above are fabrications. They are not. Check them out – don’t take my word for it!