Celebrating the Feastival of Hanukkah: Understanding the Feast of Dedication




Celebrating the Festival of Hanukkah: Understanding the Feast of Dedication, by Dr. Selwyn Stevens. NEW!!!

Hanukkah is a non-Biblical observance. It tells of godly men who drove evil oppressors from Jerusalem. The temple was finally cleansed of profanities. Tradition says they found a jar of consecrated oil to light the Menorah, and miraculously it lasted for all eight days. Yet, even with this man-made observance, not only did Jesus observe it in John 10:22, but He applies the typology of the feast to Himself. Since Hanukkah is also called “the Festival of Lights,” in John’s Gospel 8:12, Jesus/Yeshua speaks of Himself as “the Light of the world” during the candle-lighting ceremony of Sukkot.

Also there is a brief explanation about the Feast of Purim.

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