Biblical Healing


Jesus gave His disciples of all ages about 70 commands of what He wants us to be doing for His Kingdom. Making disciples and healing the sick are amongst the most commanded. The failure of much of the 21st century church to do these things is probably the major reason for the spiritual malaise and powerlessness of today’s Christians.

There is a hunger in the pew and in the pulpit!

An earlier form of this training has been held in recent years in about 25 towns and cities around New Zealand, and several in Canada, USA, Britain, Africa, India, Pacific Islands & Caribbean. At many of these, we saw have seen healing for many bad backs, total hearing loss restored, diabetes-related blood-sugar levels reversed, eye-sight restored, & much more. More importantly, regular healing services have begun in many of those congregations, as the grace of God is extended to local communities, and as equipped and accountable Christians are released.

It is exciting when Jesus helps us fulfil John 14:12 & Mark 16:17-19.

This is a Training Course for teams and individuals ministering God’s healing in line with Mark 16:17-18. This includes using healing as a tool of Evangelism. This course emphasises the “How-to’s” as most people learn by doing. It also investigates a number of Biblical ways healing should be approached.

We have been invited to train teams in over 40 African & Asian countries. We are doing that more by DVD and Internet to get more people to do the Kingdom work.

Churches that have hosted Jubilee on five continents include: Anglican, Assembly of God, Baptist, Open Brethren, Salvation Army, Lutheran, Churches of Christ (both NZ & Australian), Uniting, United, Presbyterian, Mennonite, Amish, Episcopalian, Methodist, Christian Outreach, Christian Revival, New Life, Apostolic, Elim, Christian International, Vineyard, Bethesda, Pentecostal Assemblies Of Canada, Showers of Blessings, Calvary, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Christian City, & Four Square, plus many independent churches, ministries, schools and Bible colleges.

Seminars in NZ organised by Jubilee Resources have attracted people from almost every (26 out of 30) Christian denominations. Interviews with Selwyn have been broadcast on Radio Rhema, Radio NZ National, UCB Australia, TBN Europe, TBN Global & TBN Hawai’i, Zambia Broadcasting (TV), Web radio Jesus4U Canada, & Hospital Radio United Kingdom.

Subjects to be covered include:

•    God’s plan for health & Healing;

•    Questions to ask when sick;

•    Can ALL Christians heal?;

•    Ministry places

     –  at Church

     –  at home/cell groups,

     –  at the supermarket, the workplace

      or over the fence…;

•    Dealing with terminal illness

•    Dignity of ministry recipients – No sideshows!

•    Can non-Christians be healed?

•    False Healings

•    Faith versus sin of presumption

•    Biblical role of deliverance

•    Dealing with legal grounds – Iniquity, curses, ungodly soul-ties, rash vows, DNA & Generational issues

•    Why some people aren’t healed, & what can be done about it

•    Accountability & Stewardship of giftings

•    Safe hands-on experience; & more

REGISTRATION – suggested donation of $15 per person; couples $25 & unwaged $10.

Optional Manual for Healing Course only $25. (to pick up at the training course.)

Please post to:
Jubilee Resources International Inc.
Freepost 4014,
PO Box 3, Feilding, 4740
OR: Email:

Must arrive at our office by Tuesday prior

Otherwise just bring with you and register at the door on the day

Jesus Christ is coming soon – there is little time to lose in equipping the saints for the works of ministry (Ephesians 4:12).

To Hold This Seminar in Your Church or Community

Most often it is held on a Saturday (10am to 4pm) with lunch break.Contact the Branch of Jubilee Resources nearest you, or the International office for suitable dates, and to arrange speaker/s. We usually use Powerpoint, and have our own equipment. There are optional manuals available for sale.A few larger churches have sought this course for their counselling, ministry teams and home group leaders, so a special arrangement may be made in such cases. Most of the time we would want other local churches to be invited so their ministry team members may be trained as well.This course has been run on four continents, and has often had attendees from over 20 Christian denominations at a single course. A special Healing Service is often held by the host church on either the Saturday evening or the Sunday evening, with invitations to other local churches to participate. This provides a safe environment for those trained to get hands-on experience, which the trainer/s are present.


Unsolicited Testimony from A Recent Course Attendee

I felt I needed to contact you with my thanks. I usually attend things, think that was great, I would like to tell them how I feel and never get around to it.Firstly, I wanted to say how I appreciated your teaching technic. Simple and practical. Often, if you go to such things, something is lost along the way, for me anyway, because it gets a bit complex. This wasn’t. The use of the Word consistently throughout and its practical application was very encouraging. Also the way you shared how church will possibly be different in the future rang true with me. How you taught the fact that all can pray for healing, its not just for the ‘heavies’. Lots of what you said was so positive and I just wanted to say thank you for a great day.Secondly, I appreciated the material on offer – and the prices! So often they are rediculously expensive.Thirdly, I just wanted to say how good it was to get the opportunity to pray for someone. Often these ‘Training’ seminars are all talk and no action. Hence, you are left still wondering if you will ‘do it right’. You get full of teaching and left with the practical on your own. It is good to have the more practiced, overseeing things. It would have been good also to have had a chance to spend more time with this, but we did have a time limit I know.Well I’ve put it on paper, so to speak. Thank you once again.