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Informing the Community about Freemasonary Informing the Community about: The FATAL Flaw Order of the Eastern Star

Martial Arts & the Christian

What’s a Pastor to Do about Freemasonry?
Could you be Deceived?

33 Reasons Why You might choose not to become a Jehovah’s Witness

Facts You won't be told when
Mormon Missionaries visit your door

Christian Science:  Is it for Christians?

Christadelphian or Christianity – Really?

A Christian looks at the Baha’i Faith

 A Christian looks at the Baha’i Faith

Seventh-day Adventism: Is It Another Gospel?tract

Transcendental Meditation (T.M.) Compared with Bible Meditation

The Moonies: Today Could Be Your Re-Birthday!

Astrology:Is It Compatible with Christianity?

 Buddha prophesied Jesus

Informing the Community about Halloween: It isn’t what it seems!

 Should a Christian be involved with Hypnosis?

The Danger in Islamic Prayer

 Reincarnation:  Is It Compatible with Christianity?

Mary’s Command to Catholics

 British-Israelism: Are The Ten Lost Tribes Really Lost?

International Society of Krishna Consciousness

 Examining The Church Universal And Triumphant (Summit Lighthouse)

Cooneyites The Two-by-Twos;  The Nameless Sect, Etc.

 Examining Eckankar:  The Ancient Art Of Soul-Travel tract

EST.  (The Forum)   What Is It?

 The “JESUS ONLY” or “ONENESS” Pentecostal Movement

Rastafarians: Who Are They And What Do They Believe?

 Is Rosicrucianism Really a Religion?

The Occult and Why to Avoid it!

The Way International: Cult or Christian?

Universalist Association: A Religion of Change?

 United Pentecostals: Denomination or Cult?

A Look at the Unity School of Christianity

 YOGA & the Christian



Daily Bible Reading Notes  The Biblical-Christian Doctrine of the Trinity
Proclamation of Christians in Freemasonry Christian Baptisms
6 Reasons Why Replacement Theology is False What Mindset Do You Have?
Have you been Hoodwinked by The Plan? Info & Ministry for Orange Lodge 
Principalities, Powers & Demons  Dealing with
Do You Wish to Avoid Being Deceived?


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