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The Nov/Dec. 2021 Prayer & Newsletter of

Jubilee Resources International Inc.

Kingdom Down Under

Summer Schools – January 2022

Fri. 14th & Sat. 15th Jan
Venue: Maungaraki Baptist Church,  164 Dowse Drive, Lower Hutt

Mon. 17th & Tues. 18th Jan.
Venue:  Beckenham Baptist Church,  146 Colombo St, Sydenham

(Entry from carpark at 7A Percival St.)

Fri. 21st & Sat. 22nd Jan.
Venue:  King of Kings Church, 57 Cavendish Drive, Manukau

9:30am to 5:00pm daily

Early Bird Registration received before Fri. 24th Dec., 2021

Kingdom Down Under

May Your Kingdom Come in New Zealand as it is in Heaven


Main Themes:

* God’s Kingdom in Government

* God’s Kingdom in the Economy & Finance

* God’s Kingdom & our Prophetic Destiny


Our special guest speakers are:

Andrew Bullians, Te Hurihanga Rihari & Len Buttner


2022 Summer Schools

Because of government's lockdowns and ever-changing rules it's been very hard to plan anything. However our sense from the Holy Spirit was to keep planning but be prepared to change. That's already occurred as the usual Auckland venue we have used for the past 18 consecutive years is not available on normal terms. Special thanks to Pastors Craig & Sonia for the availability of King of Kings in Manukau, not very far from the previous venue.


It’s possible these might be our last summer schools! Due to government rules at time of printing, each venue is limited to 100 attendees other than helpers/staff, so priority will be give to those registering early. There will be no discrimination on your vax status, in agreement with Jesus’ instructions in John 17.

We are thrilled to bring three excellent speakers to further equip Kiwis to serve in God's Kingdom. Some are better known than others but all are well known by Jesus. Details about them are on the reverse side of the flyer & on the On-Line Registration pages of our web-shop.


We have been in the "End Times" since 30AD, and it seems we are getting much closer to the Return of Jesus than ever before.

* Imagine if we focused on preparing for Jesus Christ than an anti-Christ?

* Imagine if we focused on the mark of the Lamb, rather than that of the beast?

* Imagine if we focused on preparing for redeeming the Earth than escaping it?

* Imagine if we focused on Hope rather than fear?


Amazon, Kindle &Translations

Since most International borders have been closed for much of the past 18 months, ministries like ours that travel to teach and equip couldn't function. The board of Jubilee Resources Intl. gives special thanks for the faithful financial support during this time, allowing us to consider new ways to teach people.

We are thrilled to report that our top 22 book titles are now available from Amazon in the USA (22 print places), Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, India & Australia. (Please tell your friends in those nations)

This means a much quicker delivery time and less expensive delivery costs. Global postal & courier systems have slowed to a crawl. Some items we posted to Africa arrived after 8 months. When we ship orders to the USA/Canada, what should be 7 to 10 days airmail delivery is now closer to 6 weeks. Through this new system we are back to 10 days in North America.  

In addition, many of those titles are now also available on Kindle eBooks, and we are working on Smashwords eBooks for Barnes & Noble/Nook and other eReaders.

In addition to the above, and thanks to four very special families who provided the finance so we could get professional translators for our most popular and suitable titles, in Spanish (Latin America), Afrikaans (South Africa & Namibia), Tagalog (Philippines), plus Urdu & Punjabi (Pakistan/Afghanistan. Some pastors in Pakistan are doing the translating, and we've agreed they can sell the books & keep the proceeds for their ministry costs).

When these are completed and subject to finance, we will do the same in Portuguese (Brazil), French (Quebec, France, Belgium, West Africa etc.) and German. All these will be available in both print & eBooks formats.

Once we have reached those goals, we'll then start on translations in Hindi & Tulugu (India), Italian, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese & Arabic.

We remain amazed that orders for our resources come from all these nations & beyond. If we can't travel to teach, then our books, eBooks and MP4 videos can do the job instead. In addition, our most sought-after DVD's have now been converted to MP4 so people can download those from our web-shop, and further titles are presently being worked on, plus MP3 audio for download.

If individuals, churches & ministries wish to support this professional translation work, depending on the size of the book, it costs between $200 to $500 per book per language. If you wish to sponsor a particular book title & language, please contact our office. We will proceed as finance becomes available.

If 2022 does prove to be our last Summer School series, we have quite a lot of book & DVD stock we'll be making available at discounted prices to clear most titles. First in - First served! And if you attend, there's no postage. Proceeds will be used to cover the translation costs.


Audio & Printable Tracts

On our web-shop we have a FREE STUFF section, with over 3 dozen different tracts for download & printing or to email to friends etc. There are also a wide range of articles, from a Biblical perspective on the Flat Earth false theory to dealing with pornography. Some people have downloaded up to 70 different items. There are some cultures that don't seem to enjoy reading, especially young people in this digital age, but they will listen to audio. Over the next couple of months we are adding an audio MP3 copy of all these tracts and articles. These can be downloaded for free and sent to friends easily.


Some Humour for difficult days:

These lockdowns are getting annoying and quite frankly I’ve had enough. I’ve discussed the matter over a cup of tea with the kitchen sink, and we both agree that the experience is draining.

I didn’t mention anything to the washing machine as she puts the wrong spin on everything.

Same with the fridge. He only gives cold shoulder. I asked the lamp, but she couldn’t shed any new light on the situation.

The vacuum cleaner was rather rude and told me to suck it up Princess. The threshold was no better, it suggested I get over it.

The carpet advised me to sweep my feelings under the rug. But the fan was more upbeat and thought that the crisis would soon blow over.

The toilet looked a bit flushed and didn’t offer an opinion.

The wall didn’t say a word either, just gave me a blank stare.

The doorknob was more forthcoming - told me to get a firm grip on the situation and move on.

The front door declared I was unhinged and so the curtains told me guessed it right - pull myself together.

Then the chair told me to table it, and the table remarked , I didn’t have a leg to stand on. When I told the table to break a leg, the mirror said that my comments reflected poorly on my thinking.

However, in the end, the iron set things straight. She said everything will be fine. No situation is too pressing for long anyway.

Sending Love & Prayers

to all those teachers, nurses etc losing their jobs to retain your integrity. We see you. We know you have been crying at the insanity and unfairness. You are us and we are here for you.


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