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July - August 2022
Firstly, thank you for your prayer support. I believe there’s a Chinese proverb that says, “May you live in interesting times”. We sure do live in interesting times. And God’s people should be prepared and avoiding all stress and fear as they trust our Creator for our safety and salvation.
We at Jubilee Resources might have seemed quiet lately, but we have been busy.
Our top 25 book titles have been made available through Amazon. One of the advantages is they print & distribute in many countries, making delivery much quicker and less expensive, including USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, & Australia.
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In addition to the above, we also have 131 books & booklets in 19 non-English languages. Most are on Amazon, and all may be found on the eBook section of our web-shop One new feature is that payments can now be made in US, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand dollars, UK pound or Euros.
All the English titles are also in eBook format on Amazon, as well as 34 non-English language eBooks titles. These eBooks are now sorted by language on Jubilee’s web-shop. More are being added each month. We have sought to have translated materials for countries we have received orders for print resources.
Many supporters have contributed to the costs of this translation task, and we are truly grateful. We have sufficient funding now for over 200 printed book titles, and about another 50 eBook conversions (those cost about $120 each for professional conversions). Also Amazon are paying us each month for sales of both print and eBooks, and those proceeds are being ploughed back into additional translations, etc. Please pray people find our books & eBooks on Amazon!
Our biggest need right now is people to translate into Tagalog, Afrikaans, Norwegian, & Ukrainian. We also need people with a laptop or desktop on-line computer who can copy & paste the Scriptures we need. We'll provide the list and the on-line link to the preferred Bible version in each language, so the simple task is to locate the listed book, chapter & verses, then copy and paste into a Word doc and email that to us when completed. Obviously we are paying people to do these as The Word says the worker is worthy of their hire. (We can pay people direct in Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand easily, other nations are a little more complicated.) You’ll learn to read in tongues too. If you know anyone who is able to do either of these tasks, please let us know or ask them direct. Thanks.
We already have requests for both forms of Chinese, plus Korean, Malay, Indonesian, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi and Arabic. You might note the languages we have used so far are somewhat Euro-centric. Apart from Tagalog, most Asian languages read from right to left (towards Jerusalem) whereas languages west of Israel go from left to right. Can you guess why? (Hint: Genesis 11:9)
2022 Significance
This year has two significant things to consider. This month of July 2022, New Zealand celebrates a century since Smith Wigglesworth visited Wellington and other centres around this nation. In the space of one week, some 5,000 people were saved, and many were healed as well. Details of that visit were recorded by Pastor Harry Roberts in a book published exclusively by Jubilee Resources, entitled "Wigglesworth Down Under". We have released a Centennial edition, (both print & eBook) which also includes notes of three of Smith's sermons from his Wellington meetings.
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Our cry is "LORD, Please do it again!"
The second matter is that this is a Shemitah year, and that ends on 28th September. That's when economic crashes often happen because God balances His books at the end of every seventh Hebrew financial year. We strongly encourage people to get out of debt as best you can, and also stock up on essentials like food, water, & other household items. Our book on that has also been updated to help people prepare, and explain why.
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Anyone watching financial markets lately will see the signs a recession or depression is coming soon. There is an economic "slowdown" under way, with a significant likelihood of major social and economic disruption coming later this year. It's really a case of being prepared.

God promises a safe landing not a calm passage

Due to the events mentioned above, this will be an opportunity to assist many to come into God's Kingdom during these times. Discipleship will be essential too. If not already being prepared, the people in your spiritual care need equipping to help share that load as it's likely to be huge. When Communism fell in Romania, EVERY believer suddenly had 3 people each to disciple within a month. Pastors will burn out if they don't train their people to share that load. Jubilee Resources has some resources to help that.
3 Bible study booklets for Discipleship
Bible-based Study Set for New Christians
by Nate Krupp (former YWAM leader). Study set in question & answer format. Adopted by several churches to disciple new converts, and to upskill older members. Suggest a Certificate issued on completion.  For personal or group study. # BSET  (Print sold by set)
New Life through Christ. It is written for the one who is searching for answers to life's basic questions. It investigates; Is there a God?; the issue of Sin; What provision did God make for man's sin?; How should Man respond to God's provision; and God's invitation.
Bible Studies for New Christians. A Bible study that looks into the subjects of Abiding in Christ; The Bible; Prayer; The Holy Spirit; Christian Warfare; and Witnessing. Use either individually or in a group.
Bible Studies in Christian Discipleship A Bible study for the growing Christian. It investigates the subjects of the Family; the Church; your Business Affairs; Growing in Christ; Christian Service; Evangelism; and the Return of Christ.
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Discovering the New Testament Bible Study 
by Nate Krupp.

This unique 47-lesson study will take you through every verse in the New Testament. Practical, contextual and useful application, you'll know your N.T. when you complete it.
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DVD's Sell-out
Sales of DVD's have been dropping for a while as more people are downloading MP4-video from our web-shop. So we made the decision to sell all our DVD stock at half price. What's left are available right now at the NZ & Australian Resources section of our web-shop, These also have a countdown showing stock levels we still have, so when they get to zero that item will disappear. Check it out, while stocks last!
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An insightful quote we recently came across.
"There is a true God, and there are false gods. These other gods are almost always embodied in the State; They often come to us dressed in the garb of Caesar. And in the end they are committed to crushing religious freedom." (When A Nation Forgets God, by Erwin Lutzer, Moody p 11)
And the LORD says
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Selwyn Stevens, Ph.D.
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