Spiritism Testimonies

TESTIMONY OF “FRANK” former Maori Spiritualist

“My parents went out to work and left us with another family, and we found they were a lot into Spiritualism. They handed this down to their children, and they also passed it down to me. What happened was that they would call upon the ancestors to help them, to protect them and to put curses on people who had hurt us. I learned how to put curses on people when they hurt me. I called upon the ancestors, and it would cause spirits to go into the homes of people and upset the whole family. In other words you could say these spirits haunted their house and put a lot of fear in their family.

After I had left the area where I had been brought up with this Spiritualism, I came to Wellington and didn’t do those things any more. Many years later I started to do it again, Ouija Boards and other means of calling upon the spirits for guidance like seances, and some of my In-laws knew and they told me these things were bad. I told them it wasn’t bad because I wasn’t hurting anybody, I was just calling upon the ancestors to help me in matters concerning finance. Through my wife going to church with some Christian friends I became a Christian too. My wife was an instrument to help me to come to know that there is a better way. I have found since I became a Christian that God has helped me in many ways.”


Former professional Spiritist Medium
“One of the most alarming things about the mediumistic racket is how completely some people put their lives into the hands of ill-educated, emotionally unbalanced individuals who claim a hot line to heaven. As a medium I was routinely asked about business decisions, marital problems, whether to have an abortion, how to improve sexual performance, and similar intimate and important subjects. That people who ask such questions of a medium are risking their mental, moral and monetary health is a shocking but quite accurate description of the matter.”