Biblical Healing Training Course: 1 of 3  - MP4

Biblical Healing Training Course: 1 of 3 - MP4

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Speaker: Selwyn Stevens, Ph.D.

Session 1 of 3

This thorough examination of Bible physical healing is the result of many years of experience, as well as training under some of the world's best Bible teachers in this field. There are many "How-to's," practical prayer and ministry guidelines, reasons why some aren't healed and what to do about them, and much, much more.

Many hundreds have been healed, and churches have been empowered to commence regular healing services with Christ-glorifying results. Missions teams have been equipped with Kingdom power and information. Based on the manual used for "Biblical Healing" training taught by Dr. Stevens.

Also included are sessions on Alternative Health Therapies, general healing options, Dealing with Curses, Iniquities & curses on the land & people, & the Biblical Gifts of Healing.

It concludes with a time of practical healing in a safe environment.

Also available as DVD, MP4, Printed manual, or down-loadable PDF for E-reader or printing.

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