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Have You Been Hoodwinked by THE PLAN - Dr Selwyn Stevens - USB Drive Video MP4

Have You Been Hoodwinked by THE PLAN - Dr Selwyn Stevens - USB Drive Video MP4

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Have You & Your Family Been Hoodwinked by THE PLAN? By Selwyn Stevens USB Drive Video MP4

This involves a fresh look at the New Age Movement and it's on-going influence in Western culture. One of the key people in that over the past 100 years has been Alice Bailey, the chief architect of the THE PLAN.

Here is her plan: #1: Take God and Prayer out of the Education System

#2: Reduce Parental Authority over the Children

#3: Destruction of the Judeo-Christian Family:  the Traditional Christian Family Structure for the Western World

#4: If Sex is Free, then Make Abortion Legal and Make it Easy

#5: Make Divorce Easy & Legal, Free People from the Concept of Marriage for Life

#6: Make Homosexuality An Alternative Lifestyle

#7: Debase Art, Make it Run Mad

#8: Use Media to Promote and Change Mindsets

#9: Create an Interfaith Movement

#10: Get Governments to Make all these (points) Legal, and Get the Church to Endorse These Changes  

The response by Christians must now get serious and organised!

Also available in PAL format, which can be played through computers or on DVD players with Multi-zone function; & also as a Free Downloadable PDF from "FREE STUFF"

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