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The Bible 101, Back to Basics MP4 Downloadable Video - Part Two of Four

The Bible 101, Back to Basics MP4 Downloadable Video - Part Two of Four

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Back to Basics Bible Course (in 4 parts)

In times of uncertainty, many people search for answers.

The Bible has answers.

Learn where to Look so you can Understand for Yourself.

by Selwyn Stevens Ph.D.; D.Min. is a practical Bible Teacher from Feilding, New Zealand. He is the President of Jubilee Resources Intl. Inc. and has taught on 5 continents, written over 35 books (including 12 Best-sellers), and is often commended for his refreshing easy-to-understand style with humour.


This is MP4 video for Download

The set covers the following Topics:

Course objectives
Belief Options
God’s Intent for Mankind
Introducing the Bible
How the Bible came to us
Diversity of the Bible
The Meaning of Inspiration
Deception Avoidable
Books of the Bible
Simple Instructions
Chronological History of the Bible
How to Explore the Bible
Symbols & Descriptions of the Word
Responding to The Word
Responsibilities & Warnings for The Word 
Versions of the Bible
Translations & Paraphrases
One Verse, Many Options
A Note about the K.J.V.
Preparation for Study
God’s Provision to Grow
God’s Word: Milk & Meat
Some Study Tools You Might Benefit From Principles of Interpretation
The Rule of Divine Authority
The Rule of Literal Interpretation
The Rule of Contextual Consideration
The Rule of First Mention
The Rule of Repartition
The Rule of Cumulative Revelation
7 Reasons why Some do not read the Bible 
Dealing with Claimed Contradictions in the Bible How to Study Your Bible Successfully

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