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Celebrating The Feast of Tabernacles. USB drive Video

Celebrating The Feast of Tabernacles. USB drive Video

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The Feast of Tabernacles,  led by Dr. Selwyn Stevens

The Feasts of the Lord have two main purposes: Firstly they are intended to glorify God the Father; Secondly, they are to provide a prophetic message of God's plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ - Yeshua Ben Yahweh.

The Feasts not only pointed to His first coming and the salvation He would provide, but they also point clearly to His return, according to 1 Thessalonians 4:14. Jesus never wasted words, so in Matthew 24:36-42, when He was speaking of the end of the age, do you know the phrase "Nobody knows the hour or the day" actually means "Rosh HaShannah." 

At Rosh HaShannah, they have two loaves which are round and raised to signify a crown, because they have always believed the Messiah, the conquering king, will come at Rosh HaShannah. 

DVD available in PAL format & MP4.They will work on computers and on some DVD players equipped with multi-zone capability.

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