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Don’t Start Your Own Church! Training Course - Single Registration

Don’t Start Your Own Church! Training Course - Single Registration

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Don’t Start Your Own Church!

God is setting people Free from Religion

So they can rediscover relevant & meaningful relationships

A Training Course for Ministry teams & individual Christians who want to serve the Lord Jesus Christ through Home-based Fellowships.


Whanganui - Sat. 29 April 2023

Wai Ora Marae, 49 Brunswick Road, Aramoho


Manawatu - Sat. 6 May 2023

Taonui School Hall, 170 Waughs Road, Feilding

9.30am –  4.00pm                                          

Bring your own lunch, Bible & pen - tea/coffee provided.


In his book, “Revolution,” researcher George Barna takes the perspective that we should be able to measure the effectiveness of a church method by the quality of disciples it is producing. In a chapter entitled “How is the Local Church doing?” based on interviews with born-again church-going Christians in the US, he found the following:

  • 80% of all believers say they have not experienced a connection with God during the past year.
  • The typical churched believer will die without leading a single person to faith in Christ.
  • Only 9% of churched believers have a Biblical world view, and most spend less time reading the Bible than watching television and reading other material.

There’s no evidence New Zealand is any different.

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Suggested koha/donation for attending: (please circle)

                               Single       Couple     Student/unwaged

Registration:          $15                   $25              $12

Book & MP4 video resources will be available for purchase too

Equipping Outline

The Basics

  • The Spiritual Realm
  • We are three-part People
  • Getting Right with God
  • Who we are in Christ
  • Hearing God’s voice

   & Knowing His will

The 2 Basic Models of “Church”

  • The professional pastor with need-oriented spectators, tradition & looking at the back of heads
  • The Five-Fold ministry team, mutually submitted & with vision-orientation equipping & releasing

Rediscovering a Biblical faith

  • Set free from buildings & programmes for relationships

Mission Mindset

  • Great Commission Lifestyle vvs Recreational Christianity

The Holy Spirit’s role in ministry

  • Our Giftings in the Holy Spirit
  • Mindset change: from having a gift, to being the gift!

The New Testament D.N.A.

  • That stands for Disciples, Not Audience.”

How to Start A Home Fellowship & Why

  • Ingredients required for success

Biblical Blessings

  • The Power of Blessings we need to thrive


Some Insightful Quotes:

“For growing numbers of the new generation, house churches, not the traditional church, will most likely draw them to God.” (Dr. C. Peter Wagner)

“If we cannot make revival happen, we can at least stop hindering it!” (Wolfgang Simson, Houses that Change the World, p. 104)

“I see such a sweeping return to Biblical Christianity coming that the very understanding of Christianity, by both the world and the church, will be changed.” (Rick Joyner)

“Stop asking God to bless what we are doing  and start to do what He is blessing.” (Rick Warren)

“I believe the Lord intends the twenty-first-century church to follow the same principles that the first-century church did... The church has changed a great deal over the centuries... Today it is a massive organization with denominations, commissions, committees, councils, boards, and programs. It quite often functions like a business rather than a body, a factory rather than a family, and a corporation rather than a community. Churches have become entertainment centers, giving performances to placid piles of unproductive churchgoers.”(Dr. John MacArthur, Jr.)




Registration fees are a suggested minimum donation to cover the costs of bringing our guests, plus the usual costs of running such conferences. Registration fees are transferable but not refundable. Some may be unable to pay the full amount. So that we share each other’s burdens, some may want to add extra to cover the shortfall. It is more important people attend, yet we still have expenses to cover. A freewill offering will be taken as a gift for the speakers. Resource tables, with EFTPOS, Visa & MasterCard available at all venues.   

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