How to Lead a Man Away from The Lodge, DVD #DTOK

How to Lead a Man Away from The Lodge, DVD #DTOK

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Speaker: Larry Kunk, B.E., M.B.A. Chairman of The National Leadership Conference of Ministries to Masons, and also President of Ephesians 5:11 Ministries of Fishers, Indiana (USA).

Larry is a former Rosicrucian, is the author of the book "An Open letter to a Christian Mason", and also the co-author of the book "A Servant of Two Masters" along with New Zealander, Selwyn Stevens.

This is an excellent resource to help lead a Mason out from the grip of the Lodge. This presentation was recorded at The National leadership Conference of Ministries to Masons held in Columbus, Ohio (USA). DVD Length: 58-minutes 

Available only in PAL format.They will work on computers and on some DVD players equipped with multi-zone capability.

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