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Life-Centered Christianity Session # 3 - Dr Harold Eberle - MP4

Life-Centered Christianity Session # 3 - Dr Harold Eberle - MP4

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Life-Centred Christianity:  Jesus Came Out of the Tomb, So Can You! By Dr. Harold Eberle  MP4 video in 3 sessions

This is an Explanation of Resurrection-based Christianity. Forgiveness of sins is at the cross. Power over sin is in the Resurrection and Ascension. This will help you embrace God as your Father and see yourself as a son or daughter of God, rather than as a severe and distant Judge. The concept of God as Father sounds simple enough. Dr. Eberle has worked passionately to separate Biblical Christianity from Western/Greek culture.

That means: 1. Separating Christianity from the dualism that lies at the foundation of Western civilization;

2. Eliminating the influence of Plato that came into the Church primarily through Augustine and Calvin;

3. Embracing the Biblical/Hebraic concept of God. #DJCE  (set of three sessions)

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Downloadable MP4, & also available on DVD in PAL & NTSC formats

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