Masonic Rituals - A Re-enactment. DVD #DMRH

Masonic Rituals - A Re-enactment. DVD #DMRH

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Speaker: Jack Harris

Some of the "secrets" of a "society with secrets" (as some Freemasons refer to their organisation) are revealed in this excellent video recorded at the National Leadership Conference of Ministries to Masons in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA). A former "Past Worshipful Master " and also State Instructor in Masonic Ritual, Jack Harris utilises first-hand experience in this presentation. After debating with the Lodge about the Person and work of Jesus Christ compared with the teachings and rituals of Freemasonry for two years, Harris renounced Freemasonry and all of its branches after becoming a Christian. Harris has been featured speaker before many churches, and on various radio and television programs.

DVD Length: 58-minutes 

Available only in PAL format.They will work on computers and on some DVD players equipped with multi-zone capability.

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