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Biblical Healing Training Courses

Tauranga: Saturday May 18th, 2019
Venue: Otumoetai Baptist Church. 2412 Otumoetai Road, Tauranga

Wairarapa: Saturday May 25th, 2019
Venue: St David’s Union Church, 164 High Street, Carterton.



Prayer support was requested for equipping God’s people for fruitful ministry


Sessions: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

A Training Course for Christian Ministry teams & other caring Christian individuals
All Christians welcome – whether you are presently a member of a ministry team or not.

Optional manual $25 each, or download e-book version
About these courses:

Jesus said, “Whoever believes in Me… will lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” (Mark 16:18)

This instruction is still current – most Christians need to be taught how & why to do this & given permission. 

Here’s your opportunity

Subjects to be covered include:

  • Your mother’s plan for health & healing;
  • God’s plan for health & healing;
  • Questions to ask when sick;
  • Can ALL Christians heal?;
  • Ministry places

– at Church
– at home/cell groups,
–  at the supermarket, the workplace or over the fence,

  • Dealing with terminal illness
  • Dignity of ministry recipients – no sideshows!
  • Can non-Christians be healed?
  • False Healings
  • Faith versus sin of presumption
  • The Biblical role of deliverance
  • The 12 Primary Curses Christians can struggle with
  • Generational effects
  • Scottish, Irish, Welsh, English & Scandinavian curses
  • Curses on the Land & people, & on nations
  • Why some people aren’t healed & what can be done about it
  • Accountability & Stewardship of giftings
  • Safe hands-on experience; & more

Email: or register on-line:

Please note: after 12-noon on the Thursday prior to each event, there’s no point registering on line as we won’t be able to access your details. Just come to the venue a bit earlier than the 9:30am start time so we can process registrations there. Thanks.

PLUS: California in September – any other in USA/Canada want to be added to this trip?

Summer Schools Report:

Dr Harold & Linda Eberle taught at these in Wellington, Christchurch & Auckland. The teaching was fabulous!!! The topics covered by Dr Eberle are listed below, with these DVD’s. Both PAL & NTSC formats are available, for global use. Dr Eberle was very well-received by those attending. His style of encouraging questions from the attendees while speaking was also helpful, as he was able to deal with issues and thoughts while fresh in mind.

One unsolicited email response said, “Thanks so much for the amazing summer series with Harold & Linda… I’m fizzing with excitement with all that I learnt. I’ve got so much to think on and seek God about… It was two days of incredible food for thought and time in the Lord’s presence.” We received many similar messages from those attending each of the three Summer Schools.

Details of the DVD’s from these Summer Schools may be found below. Harold teaches in Pakistan and Indonesia, including on local TV programmes. God is bringing Moslems into His Kingdom by the tens of thousands daily. Photo shows recent gathering with 1 million in Pakistan, including over 1,000 Islamic imams who gave their lives to Jesus. Harold’s spiritual son Anwar is leading. These are held every 6 weeks., with 60%-plus giving their lives to Jesus, in the major cities, and 30+% in rural areas where the Taliban are more prominent.

DVD Resources from the recent 2019 Summer Schools

Life-Centred Christianity:  Jesus Came Out of the Tomb, So Can You! by Dr. Harold Eberle

This is an Explanation of Resurrection-based Christianity. Forgiveness of sins is at the cross. Power over sin is in the Resurrection and Ascension. This will help you embrace God as your Father and see yourself as a son or daughter of God, rather than as a severe and distant Judge. The concept of God as Father sounds simple enough. Dr. Eberle has worked passionately to separate Biblical Christianity from Western/Greek culture. That means:

  1. Separating Christianity from the dualism that lies at the foundation of Western civilization;
  2. Eliminating the influence of Plato that came into the Church primarily through Augustine and Calvin;
  3. Embracing the Biblical/Hebraic concept of God.

Order code #DJCE (set of three sessions)

God’s Kingdom is Growing: The Consistent Scriptural Understanding of Matthew 24, Daniel 2 & 9, & Revelation, by Dr. Harold Eberle

Here it is – a Biblically-based, optimistic view of the future. Along with a historical perspective, this book offers a clear understanding of Matthew 24, Daniel 2 & 9, and the book of Revelation, and other key passages about the events to precede the return of Jesus Christ. Satan is not going to take over this world. Jesus Christ is Lord and He will reign until every enemy is put under His feet!

# Order code DVEE (set of three sessions)

Compassionate Capitalism: God’s Plan for Economics & Welfare, by Dr. Harold Eberle

Learn how capitalism first developed as God worked among the Hebrew people in the Old Testament. The resulting economic principles then transformed Western society as they spread with Christianity. However, our present form of capitalism is different than that which God instilled in Hebrew society. What we need to do now is govern capitalism wisely and apply the principles of capitalism with compassion. Order code #DCCE

Have You & Your Family Been Hoodwinked by THE PLAN? by Selwyn Stevens Ph.D.

This involves a fresh look at the New Age Movement and it’s on-going influence in Western culture. One of the key people in that over the past 100 years has been Alice Bailey, the chief architect of the THE PLAN.

Here is her plan:

#1: Take God and Prayer out of the Education System.

#2: Reduce Parental Authority over the Children.

#3: Destruction of the Judeo-Christian Family: The Traditional Christian Family Structure for the Western World.

#4: If Sex is Free, then Make Abortion Legal and Make it Easy.

#5: Make Divorce Easy & Legal, Free People from the Concept of Marriage for Life.

#6: Make Homosexuality An Alternative Lifestyle.

#7: Debase Art, Make it Run Mad.

#8: Use Media to Promote and Change Mind-sets.

#9: Create an Interfaith Movement.

#10: Get Governments to Make all these (points) Legal, and Get the Church to Endorse These Changes.

The response by Christians must now get serious and organised! Order code #DHHS

NOTE: There’s an 18-page summary of this material with some graphics, charts etc, on is free & with the encouragement to share widely.

 ALSO, a wide range of Dr Eberle’s books are available for purchase direct from Jubilee Resources’ webshop.

then go to Summer School page & sort by “Most Recent.”

In addition folks in North America could also obtain tDr. Eberle’s books & more from  based in Yakima, Washington USA.

SRA Training Courses (Global)

Those who attended our 2016 Winter School in New Zealand will recall the sessions by Kay Tolman on Ritual Abuse ministry. We are thrilled that Kay and some competent fellow-workers trained in these difficult areas are now running regular training & accreditation course on the internet. Genuine inquiries only please, to

Resources for Free & Almost Free

Everything is free to download on the “Free Stuff” section on our Jubilee Resources web-shop. That includes various Tracts. These are also in full colour, including in several languages. There are various updated tracts and E-books, plus a Daily Bible Reading plan that you may download and share with friends. These are educational tools for you to use widely. There’s also an “Almost Free Stuff” with nothing over $2.


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Almost Free Stuff.

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