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The August/Sept. 2021 Prayer & Newsletter of

Jubilee Resources International Inc.


Event: Healing & Deliverance Training & Ministry

Friday 27th August, 6pm to 8pm

Saturday 28th Aug. 3pm to 7pm

Sunday 29th Aug. 10:30am to 1pm
Venue & Hosts: Palmerston North Worship Centre,
Queen Elizabeth College Auditorium, Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North (New Zealand)

(This is at the request of the Pacific Island community to clean up, equip and release their people with accountability. Koha/offering taken, resources for sale.)


9/11, 2020 & The Times We Live In!

There are times when change occurs and the world is never quite the same again. I was ministering in Canada when 9/11 occurred. After that, travel changed with security increased.

In 2019, a Chinese military bio-weapon, funded in large part by American taxpayers money, accidently or deliberate was released in Wuhan. It took almost four months before the world knew much. Shortly after then, the entire world was introduced to a whole new level of fear, from which most haven't recovered.

Copying the Chinese government's methods, many nations used lockdowns, regardless of the social and economic costs. Government & business are now saddled with huge debts, many unrepayable.

There is no doubt that God is using these events to cause the greatest Altar Call in human history. This time has made many face the issue of their trust in God.

Do we trust Him as we must on the day we stand before His throne?

Do we trust Him not only for our salvation, but also His protection from the twin pestilences of fear and the virus?

We have been in the "End Times" since 30AD, and it seems we are getting much closer to the Return of Jesus than ever before.

* Imagine if we focused on preparing for Jesus Christ than an anti-Christ?

* Imagine if we focused on the mark of the Lamb, rather than that of the beast?

* Imagine if we focused on preparing for redeeming the Earth than escaping it?

* Imagine if we focused on Hope rather than fear?

Since most International borders have been closed for much of the past 18 months, ministries like ours that travel to teach and equip became almost impossible. The board of Jubilee Resources International gives special thanks for the faithful financial support during this time, allowing us to consider new ways to teach people.

We are thrilled to report that our top 22 book titles are now available from Amazon in the USA (22 print places), Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, India & Australia.


This means a much quicker delivery time and less expensive delivery costs. Global postal & courier systems have slowed to a crawl. Items posted to Africa still haven't arrived after 4 months. When we ship orders to the USA/Canada, what should be 7 to 10 days airmail delivery is now closer to 6 weeks. Through this new system we are back to 10 days in North America.  

In addition, many of those titles are now also available on Kindle eBooks,  and we are working on Smashwords eBooks for Barnes & Noble/Nook and other eReaders.

In addition to the above, and thanks to four very special families who provided the finance so we could get professional translators for our most popular and suitable titles, in Spanish (Latin America), Afrikaans (South Africa & Namibia), Tagalog (Philippines), & both forms of Chinese.

When these are completed and subject to finance, we will do the same in Portuguese (Brazil), French (Quebec, France, Belgium, West Africa etc.) and German. All these will be available in both print & eBook formats.

Once we have reached those goals, we'll then start on translations in Hindi & Tulugu (India) Urdu & Punjabi (Pakistan), Italian, Polish, Russian, Japanese & Arabic. 

We remain amazed that orders for our resources come from all these nations & beyond. If we can't travel to teach, then our books, eBooks and MP4 videos can do the job instead. In addition, our most sought-after DVD's have now been converted to MP4 so people can download those from our web-shop, and further titles are presently being worked on, plus MP3 audio for download.

If individuals, churches & ministries wish to support this professional translation work, depending on the size of the book, it costs between $300 to $500 per book. We will proceed as finance becomes available.


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